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The long lasting impacts of clean water...

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

In January 2021, we began our clean water initiatives by creating a Filter-of-Hope water filtration system and hand washing station at the CEPAD School in Leon, Nicaragua

Long-Lasting Health via Clean Water

Nicaragua ranks #1 in the world in one thing: The number of people who suffer from kidney disease and failure per capita. While that statistic is multi-factorial, contaminated water from pesticides and other contaminants are a huge factor for ill-health. We help educate organizations, school teachers, staff, and students on the benefits of drinking plenty of clean water, and the dangers of contaminated water.

Clean water is also a key factor in having clear minds to study, grow healthy, and think clearly -- all important factors to graduate and pursue the dreams God has placed in young Nicaraguan hearts.

So far, we have worked together to provide long-lasting water filtration systems for two schools, a Children's home, and dozens of homes.

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