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Thank You! 2023 Appreciation Video

Dear Friends, Thank you!

You've helped Give Water to the Thirsty:

Repairing wells, adding water filtration to KBC School and Jesus Centered Children's Home (JCM), and building a water tower.

You've helped Feed the Hungry:

Planting 250 fruit trees at JCM, supplying 750 Plantain trees at Campo Sagrado Farm (feeding children), and helping provide meals to the homeless and destitute.

You helped Welcome our Neighbors:

Locally, we held a fun community gathering for our Spanish speaking neighbors

You helped Clothe the Naked:

Providing hundreds of articles of quality clothing to children and families.

You helped Care for the Sick:

Providing necessary funds for child surgeries at JCM

Together, we also provided 20+ care packages on Mothers' Day for Moms who could use encouragement.

We travelled to Nicaragua *Twice with teams to serve and love distributing 100 Bibles and as much love as we could. We threw parties, gathered community, made friends, and shared Jesus.

Thank you!

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