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Let's Help Some Kids in Need This Fall (2023)

This Fall, from September 1 through October 31st - we are partnering with the community in helping to raise $20,000 for sick children in need, like Josue and Griffin above!

Our In-country Partner in Nicaragua, Jesus Centered Ministries operates a special children's home caring for children who require specialized care, life-saving surgeries, and extra love.

Right now, they have a number of children awaiting surgery and are in need of specialized equipment, medicines, and proactive care.

With each donation, we will post updates of the care as they are available. 100% to impact project.

Let's make an impact that will change lives. Donate with us, and come see the kids with us in 2024!

Two ways to Donate:

  1. Directly to our cause Here:

  2. Join our circle of generosity family Here:

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