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Q1 2024 Updates @ The JCM Children's Home Partnership

Updated: Apr 4

The Quick backstory: In Nicaragua, there's an amazing organization that runs a children's home, caring for kids needing specialized medical care and longterm treatment. The home is a shelter for those not knowing where to go for help and a place where families are loved as their children are cared for and connected to the medical practitioners who can help. In 2019-2020, the Give 30A community helped build the children's home and have since helped with a number of projects to help improve the sustainability of the home and health of the children.

The home is currently hosting several wonderful children more full time, and a few families' children are receiving the care and surgeries needed. We saw the children playing on the playground, enjoying fruit and veggies from the farm, and connecting with our team as welcome visitors.

Last Year, our partnership with JCM included planting a 200+ fruit tree farm + veggie greenhouse, adding a rainwater-collection system, and helping care for multiple surgeries for the children.

This Spring & Early Summer, we've identified 3 goals together to bless this ministry:

  • Adding comfort to the children of the home, by reducing the blistering heat that is currently happening inside the home. Phase 1 of the project includes coating the roof with a specialized reflective roof coating to reduce roof temperatures - important in a home with no AC or insulation. Total Project Cost, Phase 1: $1500

  • Build sustainability by identifying 4+ Monthly Donors at @ $30/mo to cover farm expenses and upkeep. (Or One-time donation of $1440)

  • Continue long term sustainability by reducing expenses: Phase 3 Solar with the expansion of the solar power system. Total Project Cost, Phase 3 Solar: $8500

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