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Thank You! Therapy Pool 100% Funded @ JCM Children's Home

Thank you to those who are making this impact project come to life! At the Jesus Centered Ministries, the loving team is hard at work loving and caring for the children who need an an extra dose of love.

Some of the kiddos currently have mobility limitations, and they have expressed the need for a water-therapy pool to help provide improved care and muscle stimulation for the kids who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity.

Today, because of your great love and generosity, we are able to start the process of completing their therapy pool area.

The project will include concrete, tiling, a roof + electrical for lights and fan, pool pump, building easy access, and more. Stay tuned for updates and more opportunities to love and bless these kids and others.

Current therapy pool condition as of March 2022 (not usable) - Started sometime in the past.

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