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Solar Summer: Sustainable Impact Goal for 2022!

Happy Earth Day Friends!

This summer, we're calling all friends and the 30A community to help bring a couple big beautiful, sustainable goals to fruition:

#1 Providing Solar Power to a special needs Children's Home, JCM Nicaragua

#2 Providing Solar Power to an incredible school among the poorest of Nicaragua. Donate Here for KBC School Solar

Here's how you can help:

  1. Share the word on social and with friends/businesses that want's to help change lives.

  2. Donate personally - every bit helps, and you'll get to join along for the journey!

  3. Donate as a business - Allow @Give30A to become the "giving arm" of your business, with 100% of all donations going directly to the impact project.

  4. Donate as a vacation rental - donate 1 weeks rental income, 1 day, or even a % of rental income!

PS - Here's a few successes we've already had with solar power in Nicaragua, and why it's so helpful and important.

  • Nicaragua's power is expensive and unreliable, often cutting out.

  • Nicaragua is sunny, and a perfect candidate for solar.

  • Solar power in Nicaragua is much cheaper to install that USA.

  • Solar Power can allow ministries, farms, and schools to become much more sustainable, much quicker, and invest saved money into their purposes.

Over the past 12 months, we've installed solar in 2 locations in Nicaragua

  1. Campo Sagrado Farm, helping Twelve Churches offset energy costs and create sustainable irrigation - helping them feed their 450+ children daily.

  2. KBC School, helping the small missionary planted school become a bit more sustainable by offsetting their costs to refill their water tanks (several times) each day.

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