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Get to know Leon, Nicaragua

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Leon, Nicaragua | Central America

“Nicaragua is a hidden gem in Central America, and the 2nd poorest place on this side of the globe. And you can be there by lunchtime to serve.”

10 Fast Facts About Nicaragua

  1. Nicaragua is almost the exact same size as Alabama.

  2. Population: Roughly 6,500,000 or similar to Colorado

  3. Average Income is between $5-10 per day, with a large portion of the population making less than this, in extreme poverty.

  4. Nicaragua is the second most impoverished nation on this side of the globe, only behind Haiti. Nicaragua receives only 1/10 of the international support.

  5. Nicaragua is home to a chain of active volcanos that erupt regularly.

  6. Managua is the capital city, and where we fly into. (The only International airport)

  7. Leon, the second largest city, is considered the intellectual capital of Nicaragua.

  8. Nicaragua is one of the largest exporters of coffee in the wold. (amazing coffee in the north)

  9. You can hike an active volcano and ash board back down the side of it.

  10. Lake Nicaragua is home to rare freshwater sharks, and is the largest lake in Central America.

Opportunities to Give & Serve in Nicaragua

“Simple intentionality can change a life, namely, yours”

Nicaragua is a beautiful country filled with even more beautiful people, who, because of a number of complex matters, have been fighting extreme poverty.

Here, we'll share a few ways we see positive change occurring and opportunities to help:

Opportunities to Give and Serve

1. Improving education for school aged children. This is primarily accomplished through sending children to private schools, and partnering with those schools to increase effectiveness, construction, clean water, solar power, teacher training, and improving facilities.

2. Education through health and life-skills Training. Education is a key component of lifting families and generations out of poverty, and part of that is education for self care, family health and care, home care and cleaning, healthy food preparation, growing sustainable crops, and taking care of our local environment.

3. Supporting organizations that provide educational services to break cycles of poverty.

4. Clean water filtration and education for schools, churches, communities. Repairing broken wells in communities of highest need, working together with organizations providing clean water services to communities, and home-home water purification education and point of use filtration systems.

5. Solar power systems for growing organizations like children's homes and schools - to offset energy costs, create sustainability, and provide stable power in a country where the power grid often is down for periods of time.

Inspired to Get Involved?

@Give30A, we make it easy for you, your family, group of friends, church, or even your business to get involved and make a life changing impact together with others. Each month we have specific impact projects we are looking to complete, and ongoing impact initiatives we are partnering with to see long-term positive change.

1. Join an impact

2. Keep up with the updates

3. Come visit Nicaragua with us to see what you've help bring to life.

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