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Mini Impact-Projects You Can Bring to life with Us Summer 2022

Friends! Here's a few "mini-projects" you can own and help bring to life with your friends or company this summer, 2022!

Mini-Impact Projects you can help Bring to life:

At Jesus Centered Ministries, Children's Home in Nicaragua

  • portable condenser AC fan to keep cool, especially important as some of the children are unable to move themselves around. Estimated cost: $550

  • Grease extractor fan to keep the kitchen safe and air clean. Estimated cost: $800

  • Some concrete, tile, and drywall work around the place to button things up. estimated cost: $2500

At the KBC School (near the city dumps)

  • Funds to help them establish their baseball program (first year!) and first year many have been invited to play in an organized league with a school. This varies, so let us know how you'd like to help.

  • Partner with their student leadership team to repair a well in their area: $500 per well (5 wells in need of repair)

At CEPAD Christian School (this is the school we renovated in 2021)

  • Repairs for a couple fans, lights, and plugs that we didn't replace originally. Estimated cost: $550

  • Beautification of the school with lasting plants, herbs and flowers - Estimated $250-500

  • Cleaning up and preparing the final classroom (big ideas coming soon!)- Estimated cost: $1250

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