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KBC School Nica Baseball Field - Basic Improvements

THANK YOU to our friends here at the South Walton Baseball team + FCA Students - the baseball team at Katie Beth Carter Memorial Institute, outside Leon, Nicaragua has received a few much needed field updates, and baseball gear as they start their baseball program this year!

The field was in dire need of some basic updates with a dilapidated backstop, no seating, a lack of working lights, a fence around the perimeter, and some dirt for the infield/outfield potholes.

This spring, friends were able to help provide material for referencing the backstop area, providing some seating for the teams, and some gear for the baseball program.

Thank you to every one who helped bring this to life! If you're interested in learning more about impact projects like this, both small and large, be sure to join the @Give30A community by signing up for updates and opportunities via email.

PS - This baseball field still needs a little more work? Wanna help bring it across the finish line?

We are looking to: Improve field conditions by:
  • Adding dirt

  • Replacing broken lighting with long lasting LED

  • Purchasing new bases

  • Building a fence across the outfield.

To donate directly, click donate + specify, or shoot us an email at

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