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KBC School

The Katie Beth Carter Memorial Institute (KBC School) is a missionary planted Christian school serving middle and high school students in the area of Tomas Borge, a squatter community near the city dumps of Leon, Nicaragua.

KBC School offers some of the best education anywhere around, and is aiming to break the systemic cycles of extreme poverty in the area through greatly improved education, student leadership, clinical care, entrepreneurship, life-skills, sports, and more.

At the school, they aim for sustainability while offering very affordable prices for private schooling for students. To offset costs, they operate a business sewing leather goods, a small store for lunches, drinks, and snacks, and a farm selling chicken eggs, fruits, and veggies to the community.

In 2021, we began learning about KBC School and offered to help provide clean water filtration for their school. In 2022, we helped them take another step toward sustainability by helping fund the installation of a small starter solar power system.

In the future, we look forward to helping install a full solar power system, and partnering alongside to create long term change.

You can learn more at:

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