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JCM Nica Children's Home

Jesus Centered Ministries, Nicaragua Child and Family (JCM Nica hereafter), is a non-profit organization just outside Leon, Nicaragua caring for children with specialized medical needs across Central America.

Operating as a full time children's home for some, and a temporary shelter while recovering for others - the team at JCM Nica is lead by Cheryl Spence, a 20+ year missionary to Nicaragua. The home is full-time for about 10 children as of early 2022 and has a flow of families every month that seek medical care, specialized or corrective surgery, and other help. While Cheryl and her team do not operate on the children or officially act as a hospital for seeking families, JCM have created connections in Nicaragua, the United States, and Europe to provide medical care free of charge.

JCM Nica has become an incredible blessing to many young families with children in need of life-saving procedures.

The Give 30A community helped JCM Nica complete their new, much larger Children's Home. On March 12, 2022 - we partnered to throw a big welcome party home.

In the future, we look forward to helping get the home full-solar power and help them achieve some other long term goals and care for the children they serve.

You can learn more at:

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