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I Was Hungry and You Fed Me = Fruit Trees!

Jesus said, " I was hungry and you fed me" in Matthew 25, a beautiful portion of scripture that we love to center around at Give 30A. Each year, we will be following these words and the following scripture literally as we partner for lasting opportunities for impact.

For January and February, together we raised over $12,000 for our "I was hungry and you fed me" initiative! Praise God! We're so grateful for the individuals and businesses who have partnered with @Give30A to make this come true - thank you!

To "Feed the hungry" we asked, listened, and formulated plans to help bring a few dreams to life - and help provide food, not only for today, but for years to come by planting fruit trees. In Nicaragua, there are three strategic locations we partnered with, and are bringing this to life.

  • Jesus Centered Ministries Children's Home, Nicaragua. "Momma" Cheryl shared with us the dream of having her own fruit tree farm to provide for the children, sell for a profit, and provide for her neighbors and staff. Here, we partnered together to layout a farm of 200+ fruit trees, full irrigation, tools, and training for care. We planted lemon, orange, avocado, Guayaba, papaya, Dragon fruit, passion fruit, Granadilla, pineapple, peppers, tomato, squash, herbs and more!

  • Chele Chicken Farm at KBC School, Nicaragua - This little farm helps provide food for students and helps support the school and community. Here, we helped them expand their farming efforts by installing a water tower, tank, irrigation, and helping purchase the 250 fruit trees (most citrus).

  • Campo Sagrado Farm, Nicaragua - This 11ac farm is operated by Dove Igesias (Twelve churches) and helps feed 450+ children throughout the week in their churches feeding centers. Here in the past, we helped supply solar power for irrigation. Recently, the farm lost 1000 papaya trees, one of the most profitable crops, and we're partnering together to help replant some of these lost crops.

Wanna Join @Give30A and help us continue to make an impact? One of the ways you can do so is by pledging a monthly amount of $10 or more on and joining the @give30A "family of givers"

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