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Solar Expansion: JCM Children's Home Nicaragua

Expanding sustainable solar power to a special needs Children's Home in Nicaragua.

JCM Nicaragua Children's Home Solar Project

As we grow alongside Jesus Centered Ministries Children's home and partner in their dreams, let's help them become sustainable by covering power expenses now and for many years to come. Currently their solar power system consists of 9 panels and 4 batteries, covering about 20% of expenses, and about 50% of power usage at night. This Phase of the project will double the size of the project to 18 total panels, 8 batteries, and a larger inversor.

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Just outside Leon, Nicaragua lay the Children's Home called Jesus Centered Ministries - a home and safe haven for families across Nicaragua (and central america) to find medical help and care for their children in need. Just a mom & pop operation for the past 22 years, they've grown and in 2015 started construction to move from their 3 bedroom 2 bath home into a much larger 12 bedroom, 6 bathroom home. For seven years they worked on the new home, and in March 2022, the Give30A community came alongside JCM to finally complete the home and throw a big, beautiful, welcome celebration for them.

Working primarily with abandoned and outcast children with physical and mental challenges due to birth defects and anomalies - the home is continuing to expand their care with the new space, and it's more important now than ever that they have access to consistent, sustainable power to care for the children and power any medical equipment they need. Not to mention, help them save hundreds of dollars each month on power bills - precious coin that can be re-invested into care.

The Big Goal: A complete solar power system that will cover their new home, water pumps, and guest house.

Estimated Total Investment: $32,000

Total savings for the school over the 20yr life of panels: $48,000+

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