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I was Thirsty and You Gave Me Drink.

Clean water for 1000 Children, students, and families.


Let's together and help provide clean water to 1000+ children and families by repairing broken wells, building water towers, and adding needed water filtration in key areas around the impoverished community of Tomas Borge in Leon, Nicaragua - an area around the dumps of the city, with water often contaminated by E. coli, pesticides, and medical waste.

* Our goal is to provide clean water filtration and education where it can create the largest impact: Community wells, schools(like KBC and CEPAD), Children's homes and care facilities (Like JCM Nica), Children's feeding centers, etc.

Water Tower at KBCMI School: $5000 (COMPLETE! THANK YOU!)

Well repairs: $1500

School and Community Filtration systems range from $650/ea (KBC school, JCM Childrens home COMPLETE!)

Organic clay home filtration systems: $100

Our Goal is to equip local Nicaraguan schools, community centers and chuches with water filtration, enough to provide clean water to 1000+ children in 2023 and beyond.

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