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Care & Medicine for Sick Children

Join us from Sept 1-Oct 31st 2023 in Fundraising to help sick children in need

From September 1 Until October 31st - we are going on an passionate generosity initiative together to raise $20,000 for some beautiful sick children in need who could really use a hand of love. 

Funds will be split 50% to Nicaragua and 50% to local children needs here in Santa Rosa Beach/Walton County. 

Why the Money is Important: 

Nicaragua: Jesus Centered Children's Home (JCM) is a beautiul oasis for families in Nicaragua who don't know where to turn for help - help with children in critical need for life-saving surgeries, critical care, life-changing corrective care, and overall love. As a small organization with a huge responsibility, your donation with us to reach our goal for these children will change lives.

- Where it goes: Medical care (immediate and fund for future), needed medical equipment, medicines, health foods pantry, general medical needs. 

Local: Secret giving initiative! To be a part of the adventure and see who get's blessed with the funds, join in on the giving adventure! 100% of funds will be dispursed by first week of November. 

Give 30A, Inc. is a local non-profit to the 30A area bringing together the local community for sustainable impact projects around the world. 

100% Donation To Impact, every time.

We know you want to help make the world a better place, so do we. That's why we created Give 30A. To give the community a trustworthy, organic, and fun place to help change lives - where every cent goes to changing lives.

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