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Special Needs Children: Water Therapy

For some of the children at JCM, a water-therapy pool will help provide much needed relief and muscle stimulation...


Help us to move forward a worthy cause to completion at the Jesus Centered Ministries Children's home! This ministry gives special care and love to children who are in need of it in one of the poorest countries this side of the world.

They already have the base for the therapy pool, but are in need of a number of things to get the pool functional and ready for use for some of the kids like Octavio shown above. The therapy pool will allow for the workers to rest the children in the pool, kick around, and stimulate their muscles in ways that are needed to grow strong and healthy.

The project will include sealing the inside, adding tile, adding a roof covering, piping for filling/draining, adding a light, and supplying with the extras to maintain and keep it clean.

Total estimated project cost: $3200

Time to complete project: <30 days

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