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Clean Water: Repairing Broken Wells

Broken wells can often be repaired quite easily and cheaply, but for communities of extreme poverty...


Let's join together and help provide clean water to children and families by repairing the broken wells in the extreme poverty community of Tomas Borge in Leon, Nicaragua. Thankfully, some wells have been dug in years past to help provide this community with clean water to drink -- very important for an area around the dumps of the city, with water often contaminated by E. coli, pesticides, and medical waste. Our opportunity to help lay at the chance to help the community repair the wells that break from time to time - an easy and inexpensive repair, but often a relatively expensive cost for families that are fighting to provide even the most basic of needs for themselves and their families.

For $500 per well, we are repair the broken seals, replace broken components, and get clean water flowing again.

There are 5 wells we would like to see repaired for a total of $2500

* Our goal is to provide clean water filtration and education where it can create the largest impact: Community wells, schools(like KBC and CEPAD), Children's homes and care facilities (Like JCM Nica), Children's feeding centers, etc.

Well repairs: $500/each

School and Community Filtration systems range from $800/each

Home filtration systems range from $60-85

Our Goal is to equip local Nicaraguan schools or community centers with water filtration in 2022, enough to provide clean water to 1000+ children.

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